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Phase 3: Become Biquitous -->
Ongoing Internet Marketing and SEO Consulting

What do you do once the dust settles? After all if you build it, they will NOT come!

This is where Biquitous really shines: You see, once our initial collaboration and execution of your Internet marketing and SEO strategy is complete -- instead of leaving you rudderless without a path for market dominance -- we'll INSTEAD work with you as partners to fully leverage your online presence to its fullest extent on a continuous basis.

Ready to Become Biquitous?

Phase 3:Case Study
Internet Marketing Case Study

Marware, a leading manufacturer of cases and accessories for portable electronic devices, was missing out on vast amounts of traffic because they didn't have a cohesive Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing strategy.

Click here to learn how Biquitous took a vastly underperforming asset and turned Marware into one of the dominate players in their industry through an overhaul of their website, Internet marketing and SEO strategy...

Phase 3 | What We Do:

  • Ongoing Collaboration and Execution: Campaign Management, New Marketing Initiatives, Testing and Refinement, Continuous Expansion of Initial Action Plan
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Blog Marketing, Link Building, PPC/CPC Marketing, and More
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and More
  • Content Creation: Website, Blog, e-Mail Marketing, Social Media, Press Releases, Ad Copy, Articles, Affiliate/Joint Venture Marketing and More
  • Support and Maintenance: Training, Programming, Updates, Emergencies, and More

Result :

What good is a website if nobody finds it or interacts with it? Our vast knowledge and expertise in bringing success to businesses across all industries through our ongoing Internet marketing and SEO consulting really shines when we get to work with you on a continuous basis to increase your website traffic, conversions, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Phase 1: Bold Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting

Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting Without a bold, powerful and cohesive Internet marketing strategy, your business will NEVER maximize the potential the Internet has to offer. The path to online dominance starts here.

Phase 2: Innovative Website Design and Development Consulting

Website Design and Development Consulting You might need slight tweaks to your current online presence or a complete website design and development overhaul. Either way, we'll make sure it gets done right the FIRST time!