Our Clients and Their Results

The biggest pleasure we get at Biquitous is when one of our clients succeeds. In fact, nothing makes us happier than seeing the strong bonds we forge with all of our clients come to fruition in the form of real-world results.

Below is tangible proof of these collaborations -- and the partnerships we form with all of our clients.

Case Study Summaries:

Internet Marketing Case Studies Mini Video 1


  • Created "Million Dollar Blueprint"
  • Website Redesign & Lead Generation
  • $51,500 In First Product Launch
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Internet Marketing Case Studies Mini Video 2


  • Upgraded Corporate Identity & Strategy
  • Website Redesign & Marketing Strategy
  • Immediate Traffic & Lead Generation
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Internet Marketing Case Studies Mini Video 3


  • Created Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Implemented SEO & Other Upgrades
  • Immediate Organic Traffic & Sales Gains
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More Results:

Full Case Studies

How Prosen Center For Business Advancement Became Biquitous:

Best selling author, speaker and corporate coach Bob Prosen came to us looking to find a way to funnel all of his offline television, speaking and
coaching efforts into online profits.

Here's how Biquitous took Bob from literally no Internet presence to an entire online empire serving small business leaders across the world.

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Results Checklist:

  • Create the "Million Dollar Blueprint"
  • Complete website redesign and implementation
  • Achieve high organic search engine placement
  • Immediately generate new traffic and leads
  • Launch first product within 3 months

More Results:



7 Top 10 Organic Search Results on Google*

First Product Launch Grossed $51,500

*In First 3 Months

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The Problems:

  • Bob wanted to leverage his 20+ years of real-world business leadership experience and results through information-based products and services.
  • He also needed a clear "product roadmap" that would leverage the Internet to reach a broader audience.
  • In addition, Bob didn't have a "funnel" to capture offline lead generation from his book, interviews and speaking engagements.
  • It was also important to Bob that he showcase his bestselling book, "Kiss Theory Good Bye", as well as his television and radio interviews on major networks like MSNBC, FOXNews, and others.
  • Finally, and most importantly, Bob needed to completely revamp his entire online presence, generate organic search engine traffic through specific content strategies and SEO, and create a social media presence.

How Biquitous Solved Bob's Problems:

  • After getting to know Bob, his business and his vision for the future of his company, we created a "Million Dollar Blueprint" that would form the basis for our entire online execution strategy.
  • The blueprint had a clearly defined action plan that would allow Bob to leverage the Internet to not only offer new products and services, but to also capture leads and build his business with much less effort.
  • We started the "Million Dollar Blueprint" with a complete website redesign from the ground up, showcasing Bob's book and interviews, and then made his image and web presence more polished and actionable.
  • The next step of the blueprint involved leveraging Bob's existing database of contacts as well as SEO and specific content strategies, to build his list and immediately generate revenue.
  • As a result of our initial strategies and implementation, Bob's first product launch grossed $51,500 in revenue and he is now ranked on the first page of Google for important keywords in his niche.

How rd&partners Became Biquitous:

rd&partners' old website was costing the company literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in LOST revenue every single year because of its nonexistent rankings in the search engines, poor call to action, cookie-cutter design and an overall lack of Internet strategy to capitalize on a hungry market looking for their products and services every single day.

Here's how Biquitous completely revamped rd&partners' online presence from top to bottom, and built them the proper foundation for market dominance.

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Results Checklist:

  • Create a brand new corporate identity
  • Launch rebranded website
  • Integrate online talent assessments
  • Increase organic search engine placement
  • Immediately generate new traffic and leads

More Results:




Organic Search EngineTraffic*


Keywords Sending Search Visits*

* In First 3 Months

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The Problems:

  • The president of rd&partners Dr. Robert Denker, came to us thinking his firm needed just a "little" SEO. What he came to realize is that their entire online presence was in desperate need of repair.
  • We conservatively calculated that, as a result of their nonexistent Internet marketing strategy and poorly designed website, the firm was leaving hundreds of thousands -- if not millions -- of dollars on the table each year.
  • Rob also wanted to leverage the Internet to expand the firm's business and sell online employee and talent assessment products -- which they had never done before.
  • In addition, rd&partners wanted a platform to continuously grow their business, expand their reach and stay top of mind through great content on their blog and their "Leadership Leverage" radio show.
  • Finally, as part of the revamping and upgrading of their online presence, rd&partners needed a brand new corporate identity to fit their new image.

How Biquitous Solved rd&partners' Problems:

  • We started by deeply understanding rd&partners' target audience before any work was done to ensure that, from start to finish, every single aspect of their new identity was congruent and aligned towards a singular focus.
  • The first step in this process was to create a crisp, professional and easily identifiable corporate identity.
  • We then delivered a polished, interactive and customized website that included a blog, customized Content Management System (CMS), audio and video functionality, and search engine optimized content.
  • This also included full integration of real-time payment processing with a shopping cart and autoresponder system to implement the firm's desire to sell completely automated employee and talent assessments.
  • As a result of our site redesign, keyword research and ongoing SEO and content strategy, rd&partners is now ranked on the first page of Google for several of their major keywords, and generating leads from that traffic on a daily basis.

How Marware Became Biquitous:

While Marware is an established company and a leading manufacturer of cases and accessories for portable electronic devices, they were nevertheless missing out on vast amounts of traffic from users looking for their cases because they didn't have a cohesive search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing strategy.

Here's how Biquitous took a vastly underperforming asset and turned Marware into one of the dominant players in their industry through an overhaul of their website, Internet marketing and SEO strategy.

Ready to Become Biquitous?

Results Checklist:

  • Create an Internet marketing strategy
  • Implement SEO and other critical upgrades
  • Enhance social media presence
  • Increase organic search engine placement
  • Immediately generate new traffic and sales

More Results:


Total traffic*


Organic Search EngineTraffic*

+17 Top 10
+3 Top 3

Organic Search Results on Google*

* In First 3 Months

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The Problems:

  • Marware came to us in desperate need of a complete SEO overhaul. They knew they were missing out on vast amounts of traffic, they just didn't know what to do -- or frankly have the time -- to fix the problem.
  • They also knew that their website could be converting sales at a much higher rate and relied heavily on Biquitous to determine how to generate more revenue from each visitor.
  • Because Marware primarily sold mostly to other businesses who resold their cases and products, they had neglected the customer facing side of their business, including their social media presence.
  • Finally, Marware wanted a roadmap and a partner to help them continuously implement new initiatives and strategies to further accelerate their Internet marketing strategy.

How Biquitous Solved Marware's Problems:

  • We sat down with Marware and listened to their frustrations with their current Internet marketing and SEO strategy, then developed a complete action plan that would be implemented over the course of 12 months.
  • Our clearly defined, step-by-step action plan would allow Marware to leverage their clout within the industry, increase their organic search engine traffic, and ultimately lead to higher conversions and more sales.
  • We started implementation of this blueprint with a complete overhaul of Marware's SEO, product descriptions, back end systems and other critical functions that were not working together.
  • Next, we created a stronger social media presence for Marware on all the major social networks in addition to creating a custom blog from scratch, hiring content writers to populate the blog with some initial content, and tying everything together with a strong lead generation system.
  • Finally, as a result of our ongoing search engine optimization, link generation, social media and content strategy, Marware's traffic has surged and they now rank on the first page of Google for their highest traffic keywords.