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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

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Biquitous Website and SEO Audit: [Video]

Exclusive, over-the-shoulder real-life website and SEO audits with powerful takeaways for your company

By: Chris Fernandez
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I want to welcome you to the Biquitous Breakdown.

This is a special real-life series that analyzes and audits one website's Internet presence and SEO strategy in order to provide powerful takeaways for your website.

In other words, you're going to get an exclusive over-the-shoulder look at critical mistakes other companies are making and my recommendations for fixing them in a live video format.

My goal is to be honest in my assessments and provide that particular company with a concrete action plan to fix what's wrong, for their benefit and -- by extension -- your company's website as well.

The breakdown will focus 4 major areas:

  • First Impressions: Overall analysis of the website's look, feel, targeting, usability, and more
  • Second Impressions: Overall analysis of the website's social media and Web 2.0 presence
  • Top Level SEO: Analysis of the website's keywords, navigation, rankings, competition, backlink profile, content, and more
  • Page Level SEO: Analysis of individual page structure, tags, usability, and other details

I'll then provide a 3-step action plan for the biggest/fastest improvement to address any issues that I find.

This edition is going to focus on, a professional liability insurance company.

Proliability has some problems with sparse content, lack of a social media presence and -- most disturbing to me -- the possibility that they are paying for links, as well as other issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Let's get right to it:

(Click the "play" button to watch the video)

Here is the full transcript of the video:

Hello, this is Chris Fernandez, the Founder and CEO of Biquitous. And I want to welcome you to the Biquitous website and SEO breakdown, a special series that analyzes and audits one website's internet presence and SEO strategy in order to provide powerful takeaways for your website.  ...Read More >>

Complete 5-Step On Page SEO Checklist [Video]

Make sure you aren't sabotaging your own content by using this checklist to guarantee it’s SEO friendly and will be found by search engines.

By: Chris Fernandez
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Read/Watch Time: (5 - 10 Minutes)

We get asked all the time for a checklist to specifically help companies with their ON-page SEO (vs. OFF-page, or off-site SEO).

There’s nothing worse for your website than spending hours creating great content only for nobody to ever see it or read it, because you didn’t take the time to ensure that search engines could find your page, crawl it and index it properly.

So I thought the best thing to do would be to cull together the best practices that we use at Biquitous when we either publish content ourselves or for our clients, and create a step-by-step blueprint that you can use immediately to make sure your own content is search engine friendly.

This short video will give you a handy 5-step on page SEO checklist to ensure that any content that you create is search engine friendly and has the highest chance to rank because you did everything in your power to make sure your content is ready to be crawled and indexed properly.

(Quick note: For the best experience I recommend watching the short video, but all of the critical elements that you need to know are also in text format below the video along with copious amounts of screenshots.)

First Question: Does Your Content Suck?

So let’s start at the top.

Let’s say you’ve created a fantastic page, some great content, wonderful graphics, a great lead-in, and the page delivers awesome value to your readers…

Wait a minute…before we go any further, I need to ask you about your content.  ...Read More >>

Why Most Websites Fail and What To Do About It

What goes terribly wrong with most websites and a comprehensive 3-phase strategy to fix what's broken

By: Chris Fernandez
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Most websites fail miserably at the only thing they were ultimately designed to do: Generate sales.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on where your website stands, most websites fail because of one simple reason:

They were created BACKWARDS.

Let me explain what I mean with the graphic below from a leadership perspective (a graphic on the technical perspective follows later in the post):

(Click on image to enlarge)

(Note: Please feel free to use any original image in this post on your website, just link back to this post as the original source.)

You see, what often happens is that in a rush to get a website on the Internet and start branding, selling or collecting customer information, a business and the leaders responsible for that website, don't take the time to ensure that they are creating a sustainable and highly converting Internet presence.

Let's call this the "Ready, Fire, Aim" approach vs. "Ready, Aim, Fire" -- with an extra "Fire" thrown in the mix.

  • Ready: We need a website... (Mild panic)
  • Fire: We need more traffic! (Panic level rises)
  • Fire Again: Wait, the traffic isn't converting, we need more conversions! (Really panicked)
  • Aim: Sigh...we need to redesign our entire online presence. (Resignation)

So What Goes Wrong?

This is a classic case of basic human nature rearing its ugly head on a broad scale.  ...Read More >>

3 Critical Title Tag SEO Best Practices [Video]

The title tag is the MOST important factor for increasing traffic and SEO that is within your control -- make sure you're doing it right!

By: Chris Fernandez
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Read Time: (5-10 Minutes)

You would think creating great title tags is simple right? After all it’s just a 70-character (or less…) line of text, how hard can it be?

The fact is, every single client Biquitous has ever worked with – no matter how large – has always needed help, sometimes urgently, to fix their title tags.

So in this post, I’ll share some of our “secret sauce” for creating great title tags, explain why the title tag is arguably the most important factor for increasing traffic and SEO on your website, and show you 3 critical title tag SEO best practices for creating title tags that will yield the biggest bang for your buck.

(Quick note: For the best experience I recommend watching the short video, but all of the critical elements that you need to know are also in text format below the video along with copious amounts of screenshots.)

What is a “title tag”, why is it useful, and how does it work within search engine results?

  • What Is A “Title Tag”? The title tag is a small bit of code within every single web page (hopefully!) that tells search engines and visitors what the page is about.

  • Why Is It Useful? The title of your page (or title tag – I’ll use the terms interchangeably in this post) is critical and indispensable because it represents your biggest – and oftentimes ONLY – chance to get a visitor to click through to your website, read and/or share your content, and is one of the most powerful on-page SEO factors for search engines.

 ...Read More >>

Google’s Panda Guidelines for Building a “High Quality” Website

If you're not following these guidelines, you're in trouble!

By: Chris Fernandez
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(Read Time: 3 Minutes)


Can you honestly tell me that your current website has high quality content on it?

Is it a site that YOU yourself would want to read?

There's been a lot of pandemonium (no pun intended, see below) in the last few weeks regarding important changes to the way Google ranks websites.

We've all known for quite some time, especially intuitively, that creating a high-quality website with great content, is the true way to win the hearts and minds of your target audience.

But never has that been thoroughly backed up more powerfully by Google's own search team than in the last several months as they worked hard to rid their search results of "empty" and "spammy" content.  ...Read More >> blew it!

Website penalized by Google for unscrupulous SEO tactics

By: Chris Fernandez
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(Read Time: 5 Minutes)

I wanted to pass along and comment on a really interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today:

==> Google Penalizes Overstock for Search Tactics

The article talks about how, one of the largest online retailers, got severely penalized by Google as a result of less than honest practices in trying to improve their search engine rankings.

The same type of scheme was widely reported last week in a New York Times piece as being perpetrated by JCPenny (who would have thought...).

So what did they do that you BETTER not be doing in your company's online marketing?  ...Read More >>