I wanted to share something with you today that will help you and your web team improve upon your search engine rankings IMMEDIATELY.

Implementing the strategies I'm going to share with you just got one of our clients a #2 ranking in one term and a #4 ranking on another term -- very competitive terms by the way -- within 2 WEEKS of implementing these basic changes.

Here's a short video that explains more:

You see, there are 2 kinds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that have to be performed on every website or you'll never be found:

- ON-Site SEO: (Stuff you do to make sure your website gets indexed and crawled properly)


- OFF-Site SEO: (Stuff you do AFTER your ON-Site that ensures you continuously rise in the rankings)

If you don't do both, then you're business will NEVER be found.

So, to help you out and share some simple changes that absolutely must be done that can rank your website higher in the search engines even BEFORE you ever do your OFF-site work, I created a short video to actually SHOW you what we did.

I know you'll get a lot of out of this video because it shows the power of making simple changes to your website to ensure that Google and Bing -- which account for 95% of all search engine traffic -- can find you, index you, and then start ranking your business right away.

Go ahead and watch the video with your web/IT team.

I'll be sharing more actionable strategies with you in the future, but please make sure you implement what is in this video immediately.