Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting

Phase 1: Bold Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting

Does your company have a bold, powerful and cohesive Internet marketing strategy, or did your web "team" simply throw up a website?

The first thing we do at Biquitous is work closely with you to deeply understand your frustrations with your current Internet strategy -- or lack thereof -- and create a powerful action plan to maximize your Internet presence and your bottom line. The path to online dominance starts with bold strategy.

Ready to Become Biquitous?

Phase 1:Case Study
Internet Marketing Case Study

Best selling author, speaker and corporate coach Bob Prosen came to us looking to find a way to funnel all of his offline efforts into online profits.

Click here to learn how Biquitous took Bob from not having any Internet presence to an entire online empire...

Phase 1 | What We Do:

  • Understand Who You Are, What You Do and Your Overall Business Strategy and Focus
  • Evaluate Your Current Online Presence, Your Frustrations With It and What Must Be Done To Improve It
  • Objectively Analyze Your Competition, Marketplace and Target Audience
  • Understand Exactly How Customers Use the Internet to Find and Interact With Your Company -- and Ultimately How You Monetize That Interaction
  • Zero In On Your Highest Priority Outcomes and Combine Them With Our In-Depth Internet Marketing Strategy Consulting Services For the Highest ROI

Result :

With a deep understanding of your business and your strengths -- as well as your weaknesses -- we can now prepare a strategic and comprehensive online marketing action plan and begin implementation in Phase 2.

Phase 2: Innovative Website Design and Development Consulting

Website Design and Development Consulting You might need slight tweaks to your current online presence or a complete website design and development overhaul. Either way, we'll make sure it gets done right the FIRST time!

Phase 3: Become Biquitous -->
Ongoing Internet Marketing and SEO Consulting

Internet Marketing and SEO Consulting Now we deliver a continuous stream of traffic, conversions -- and ultimately sales -- to your business through SEO, link building, Social Media and other marketing initiatives.