Website Design and Development Consulting

Phase 2: Innovative Website Design and Development Consulting

You might need slight tweaks to your current online presence or a complete website design and development overhaul.

The goal is to get it right the FIRST time with precision by making sure that each piece of your Internet marketing puzzle and corporate strategy fits together to form a polished, synergistic and cumulative
effect -- thus ensuring that all segments of your online presence are leveraged and build off of one another.

Ready to Become Biquitous?

Phase 2:Case Study
Internet Marketing Case Study

Rob Denker the president of rd&partners, was shocked to learn that the company's old website was costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars in LOST revenue every single year.

Click here to learn how Biquitous completely revamped rd&partners' online presence and built them the proper foundation for market dominance...

Phase 2 | What We Do:

  • Fine-Tune Your Online Branding and Corporate Identity Through Crisp, Intelligent Logos, Graphics and Artwork
  • Create an Engaging, Professional and Highly Targeted Website or Modify an Existing Site
  • Incorporate Best Practices and Functionality for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), e-Commerce, Increased Conversion Rates and Brand Affinity
  • Integrate Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and Web 2.0 Interaction Through Blog Creation, Video, Autoresponders, Newsletters, and More
  • Leave Nothing To Chance: Comprehensive Professional Content/Ad Copy Writing, Integration of 3rd Party Apps/Plug-Ins, Content Management System (CMS), Shopping Cart & e-Commerce Integration, and More

Result :

Through our systematic website design and development consulting process, we'll deliver a polished, refined and amazing end-to-end online presence for your company that will be ready to deliver customers 24 hours a day. Then we'll explode your traffic in Phase 3.

Phase 3: Become Biquitous -->
Ongoing Internet Marketing and SEO Consulting

Internet Marketing and SEO Consulting Now we deliver a continuous stream of traffic, conversions -- and ultimately sales -- to your business through SEO, link building, Social Media and other marketing initiatives.

Phase 1: Bold Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting

Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting Without a bold, powerful and cohesive Internet marketing strategy, your business will NEVER maximize the potential the Internet has to offer. The path to online dominance starts here.